Anderson had a big question to ask us on the way home from Nama and Grandpa's yesterday.

"Mama, can we please stop at Petco and get me a hamster? Bradley and Jayden have one. I'd like one, too!"

Chad and I looked at each other.

Here we go....

It's amazing how one simple thing can go so wrong. We were there 20 minutes before closing and Anderson chose his hamster within 5 minutes. The problem was the place got MOBBED while we were there!

The clerks were nice enough to keep the store open for us past 6 o'clock just for Anderson's purchase.

They put the female hamster in a little box and we bought the all-in-one kit to set up at home. It was a half hour home and it chewed a hole through the box while in the car. Good thing the box was in a plastic bag.

After we had it all set up we asked him what her name was. He named her Samantha.

Welcome Samantha into our home. She now joins the other 2 hamsters, Harmony and Sophia, and our cats, Pumpkin and Beanie.

Photo by Sharon Buck