When I had posted on Facebook I had a terrible cold you all came to the rescue! You all had different ideas and home remedies that could make me feel better.

Well, I did ONE of the things that you suggested and I think it worked!

Many of you said to put Vicks Vapor Rub on the bottoms of my feet, put socks on and then head to bed. Chad made me drink some blue medicine first to help me sleep (Why does medicine taste so yucky?). I was in bed by 6:30.

Today, my cough is virtually gone and I feel much better! My throat is still soar and I am still cold all the time BUT my cough is ALMOST GONE! I can't believe it! I believe that and eating chicken soup for lunch made everything better!

Thank you all so much for your ideas. Anything to get over a cold, especially with other people in the house and gigs coming up this weekend!