I was foraging for food yesterday morning because I had forgot my breakfast. In our break room here at work, there is basically nothing to eat.

However, I DID find some cereal.

But did I dare eat it?

In the shelf unit I saw 3 boxes of Special K, obviously left behind every January when we all try and start diets. Special K is good...but it's no Cap'n Crunch!


I was JUST about to open the box when I saw the 'Best If Used By' date:

December 5, 2011.


Um....I was REALLY hungry. Like, stomach rumbling-I could eat a horse-kind of hungry!

So did I eat it?


I just couldn't do it. I mean, it's sealed in the wax paper bag and everything but something tells me the entire box is stale.

Would anyone like a box of Special K...never opened...still in the original box...mint condition!

Maybe I should sell it on Ebay.

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