In July of 2017 a Czech seaman reported a German shipping company for covering up illegal dumping of oily water. This case brought attention to the issue of vessel pollution to Maine. The company pleaded guilty and agreed to a $3.2 Million fine. But the story does not end there. A federal judged declared that $250,000.00 will be awarded to the whistle blowers who alerted authorities of the companies transgressions. There were 3 whistle blowers total, 2 of which will receive $12,500. The main whistle-blower,  Jaroslav Hornof will receive a bulk of the money.

Even though they were happy with the outcome of the case, the men were not happy with the way they were treated. According to the three men were detained in Portland from July until September 2017, unable to return to their homes in Europe because they were material witnesses in the government’s case.

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