One of the rites of passage in Maine as summer winds down is the roll out of the extremely popular Pumpkinhead beer from Shipyard Brewing. Pumpkinhead has a distinctive logo, distinctive bottle and a distinctive taste, all of which has made it one of Shipyard's best-selling products. So with the entire beer industry seeing dollar signs when it comes to rise in hard seltzers, it only makes sense for Shipyard to take their most popular beer and turn it into a new flavor, right?

Shared on Twitter by Carla Jean Lauter, what you're seeing is not a doctored image or an April Fools Day joke. One of the strangest, yet oddly intriguing, hard seltzer flavors has arrived on the scene with Pumpkinhead hard seltzer. Shipyard has taken their popular recipe and rather than delivering it in beer form, it's now hard seltzer.

The news came with mixed reactions on Lauter's Twitter feed. Several people were curious about the taste. Some were perplexed at the idea of drinking anything pumpkin-flavored in July. And given that Lauter is known as The Beer Babe, many of her beer-loving followers were not terribly thrilled by Shipyard's pivot. You can't please all the people, all the time.

If you'd rather have Pumpkinhead in beer form, don't worry. It will be back on store shelves very soon. But if you're looking to throw a curveball at your seltzer-adoring friends, this may the best chance you'll ever get to do it.

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