Are Too Many Products Pumpkin Flavored? Here's a Few
This is the time of year ‘pumpkin’ makes its presence known. For the last several years manufacturers have been putting ‘pumpkin’ in just about everything. Here are some of the stranger items that contain ‘pumpkin’ flavors.
Ghostport Coming to Bucksport October 22
If you’re looking for some Halloween fun you might want to checkout ‘Ghostport’. It’s the annual festival in downtown Bucksport with Halloween events for the whole family.
Pumpkin Spice Peeps on the Way
As summer is coming to an end there is one thing to look forward to in the fall…pumpkin spice peeps. If you are into peeps and pumpkin like me, you have to be looking forward to it. If not, well fall is on the way.
Sharon’s Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies!
I asked Chad if I could make him something yummy for dessert the other day. I was REALLY hoping he'd go for the idea of pumpkin pie (I was CRAVING it). He said "If you're going to make anything pumpkin...why not chocolate chip pumpkin cookies?"
I was sold!
I quickly went to my phone and got …
Five Fall Foods That You Should Eat
Sometimes eating fresh fruits and veggies can be difficult once the summer growing season is done. However, there are plenty of healthy choices of fall foods that are in abundance. Here are 5 fall foods you should be eating.
Here’s How A Baby Leopard Carves Pumpkins
This is a baby clouded leopard. Clouded leopards are generally found in China, and sadly their populations are decreasing. Hence, zoos are trying to preserve the species. They also like to give their adorable babies pumpkins to chew on...

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