A New Hampshire woman and a dog are safe thanks to her 6 year old granddaughter's quick thinking.

According to WGME, when Ariana Semperit's dog, Spook, fell through the ice on a lake near Salem, NH, her grandmother went on to the lake to rescue the pup.  Unfortunately, as she neared the spot where Spook fell through, the ice broke and she fell in as well.

But, both are safe thanks to Ariana.  She summoned help by calling 911.

"She went to Spook and then she fell through. She started going like this, like scooting her way out. But she kept falling like this. They asked me what was the address, what was the number that you are calling from?" Ariana said.

Her grandmother was able to get herself and the dog out of the water.  They made it to shore just before the fire department arrived.

Both are fine.


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