High school football is here and fans all over the country are excited. In preparation businesses are known to sell apparel from the local schools. As such is the case with Maine Fire Equipment Co. who are promoting gear for the Skowhegan high school formerly known as the Indians. These clothes also feature Native American logos on it. And of course the snowflakes have come out of the woodwork to complain about something that has no effect on their lives whatsoever.

Earlier in the year the schoolboard caved to the outrage of the loudest person in the room and "respectfully retired" the indian mascott despite the fact that a lot of people liked it. The owner of Maine Fire Equipment Co. is on that school board and voted against retiring the name and has been producing apparel for local sports teams for years according to CentralMaine.com.

They introduced these designs ahead of the football season and it seems like a lot of people interested in them, considering the school has not yet decided a new mascot, I think it's great that this company is trying to remember the school's former mascot. There are some people who claim the Indian mascot is racist and offensive but hey, what isn't these days?

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