Who else sucks at sleeping? I toss and turn for hours before finally falling asleep for a bit. After doing this for years I have some tips to help you get to sleep.

1. TURN OFF YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICES this one is pretty self explanatory. Don't use your phone/tablet/video games within 30 minutes of going to bed.

2. DONT EAT AFTER 7:30: I understand this is difficult depending on when you get off work, I have the worst time dealing with this one. Eating within an hour of when you go to bed ESPECIALLY don't drink caffeinated beverages within an hour.

3. EXERCISE BEFORE GOING TO BED: this is a tough one especially if you're lazy. But exercising before bed will tire you out and get you into that mode of sleep.

4. SLEEPING PILL (OPTIONS): I have 2 types of pills i'll take. Luna Sleep Aid, and Kavinace. Both are buyable online and they work wonders.

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