If you don't get a lot of sleep during the week, sleeping in on the weekend seems to be good for you.

New research suggests if you get two or three hours of extra sleep on the weekend it night east health problems associated with lack of sleep during the workweek. It may even reduce your risk of early death.

The study of more than 38,000 adults showed a higher mortality rate among young and middle-aged adults who slept for less than five hours a night – but when it came to those who caught up on that lack of sleep over the weekend, the mortality rate difference disappeared.

While sleeping too little, like 5 hours a night will give you a higher morality rate so will sleeping too much. For those sleeping 9 hours or more per night also had a higher rate of mortality.

According to sciencealert.com other experts have said the study is a useful one, but that more research is needed before we can fully know how weekend sleep can make up for a weekday deficit.

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