With the exception of the "Grinch" storm that we got just before Christmas, the winter of 2023/2024 has been really mild.

In fact, the storm that we got on Sunday was, for many of us, the first real snowstorm of the winter.

Sunday's storm was one of those long-duration storms that just seemed to hang around.  For much of Maine, the snow started at about dawn on Sunday.  The storm continued through the late evening.  Because of how long it stuck with us, it had a chance to drop quite a bit of powder on the state.

It seems like it actually dropped more in some places than we were expecting.

While Southern Maine was expecting about a foot, many towns got a few inches over a foot.

Central Maine was supposed to get about a half foot, but many towns in the area got significantly more.

While our list is fairly comprehensive, there is a chance that there was no total for your town.  We are updating as we get more totals.

Maine Snowfall Totals

Here are the snowfall totals for the January 7th, 2024 storm. They come from WCSH 6.

Did your town make the list?  Feel free to show us some pictures of how the storm affected your area.  You can send those in through our radio station app.

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