With Halloween just around the corner and Halloween candy already in stores, you and your kids must be starting to think of a costume for this year. It’s still a little too early to know what the most popular costumes for 2016 will be.

Since we don’t know about this year yet, let’s take a look back at the ‘most popular’ costumes of all time.

: First up is our favorite purple dinosaur (ugh) Barney. Today, people may want to admit they or their kids dressed like Barney.

: Another all-time favorite is one you still see kids wear today, ‘The Power Rangers.’ The ‘Rangers’ first hit T.V. in 1993.

: ‘Scream’ is another one you still every year during Halloween. Who doesn’t like wearing a mask that looks like it melted and nobody can tell who’s wearing it.

: For several years ‘Harry Potter’ was extremely popular but since the movies have passed so has the sightings of the wizard.

: For a while ‘The Joker’ from Batman was costume you saw a lot of, especially the Heath Ledger version of the character. Pure evil.

: Every year a ‘go too’ costume is a ‘witch’. How great is it to wear green make up and a big black hat. Trickier Treaters' of all ages like the ‘witch’.

: If girls are going to be a ‘Princess’ (and a lot are) it’s usually a Disney Princess. The Princess Halloween costumes have been around as long as the witch.

: ‘Super Hero’ and ‘Action Hero’ is always popular. Super Hero movies are in theatres all the time so, of course; kids want to be them on Halloween. ‘Spiderman’, Superman’, ‘Batman’, ‘Wonder Woman’, and ‘Batgirl’ are some of the biggest.

Whomever you dress like this Halloween, stay safe and have fun.

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