Getty Images, photo by Justin Sullivan

With Halloween coming in a few days here are some things about the spooky holiday you may not know. The first Jack O'Lanterns were made from turnips not pumpkins and were named after a cheap man named Jack who tricked the devil many times and was refused entrance to Heaven and hell. He would wave a lantern to lead people from their path.

Halloween is the second highest grossing holiday after Christmas.

Fifty percent of children prefer to receive chocolate while 24 percent prefer non-chocolate treats and 10 percent prefer gum.

The Old English meaning of ‘witch’ is ‘wise woman’ and they were highly respected at one time. One of the nights it is believed they gathered was Halloween.

Black and orange are the colors most seen during Halloween. Orange means strength and endurance, Black is the symbol of death or darkness.

The birthplace of Halloween is believed to be Ireland.