Friday and Saturday's storm in Maine, our first real taste of winter weather this season, felt a little out of the ordinary.

First, it stuck with us for well over a day.  We started dealing with it early on Friday, and the last of it did not leave us behind until Saturday evening.

On top of that, the amount of snow we got was widely varied.

We're used to the coast of Maine getting much less snow than inland areas, but this storm dropped really widely varying amounts of snow on inland areas.

Some towns got less than six inches, while others were slammed!

According to News Center Maine, in the Augusta / Waterville area we got less than a foot of snow.  However, there are some places in the City of Augusta that we are sure got more.

Other parts of the state got absolutely slammed!  Rumford and Skowhegan each got about a foot and a half.

And, in the southwestern part of the state, Fryeburg got about TWO FEET!

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

The timing of the storm made it difficult for people to stay home.  It started during the workday on Friday and affected one of the last big shopping days of the Christmas season.

Fortunately, people who did venture out were cautious.  While the Maine State Police reportedly responded to over 180 crashes over the course of thirty hours, there were no serious injuries.

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