Sometimes you don't even believe the things you see and read online. However, we know this is true because it came from a Central Maine resident who is part of a local community group on Facebook.

Last night while scrolling through the feed, a new post came up in the Vassalboro Community Events And Announcements page. What I saw and read made me realize that we have some really crappy people that live among is in our little Maine towns.

Vassalboro resident, Katherine Roderick, went on to explain that over the last couple of days (not exactly sure when) someone had broken into her Main Street home through a window. Because the home is currently being prepared to sell there wasn't much inside. So instead of stealing anything, the intruder(s) decided it would be best to leave, but not before completely shattering the toilet.

Roderick is currently seeking any information, particularly from nearby neighbors, that may have any information or have seen any suspicious activity in the area over the last couple of days.

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