Last night, I was sitting in my recliner, eating a cookie, watching Family Guy (like an adult) then all of a sudden something starts pushing against my front door. I at first think it's the wind (because science). but then the handle starts shaking (something the wind is not capable of doing). At this point people retreat into 3 different scenarios, fight, flight, or freezing. I went with the third. Just sitting there staring at my door thinking a burglar was about to break in and me, with only a cookie to defend myself.

At that point I notice the person outside getting more and more frustrated, continuously saying words I cannot repeat when he finally lets out a loud "oh gosh, this isnt 7!" (my apartment ends in a 4) and then he scurried away. So that is how I met my neighbor for the first time. With a wall in between us, and no words spoken, just the way I like it.

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