Spectrum Generations in Waterville has a new program to help veterans that is called ‘Legacy Corps’. It helps veterans and their families with a respite care program.

They are looking for veterans and caregivers to join this free program. The ‘client’ doesn’t have to be a veteran, a spouse, brother, sister, parent, cousin, uncle is welcome, as long as there is some relation to a vet.

Caregivers will give respite breaks to those caring an aging spouse or family member. Caregivers can receive as much as $160 monthly compensation for about 10-12 hours a week. There is an end of the year bonus as well, up to $1,110 for completing 450 hours of service a year.

Both veterans that need care and caregivers that would like to help are wanted by Spectrum Generations. If interested contact Jennifer Fortin at 620-1657 of go online at spectrumgenerations.org.

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