They have been training for a while and today they receive their official "license" to serve!

Fourteen police officers and their dogs graduate from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy starting at 10am today. One of those graduates is close to my heart!

Officer Nate Hood of the Lewiston Police Department will graduate with his dog Ice and, unfortunately, I can't be there. He is Chad's brother and my future brother-in-law and I have seen the relationship between him and Ice grow since he picked him up from Von Falkenhein German Shepherd Breeder & Police Dogs in North Carolina. The snap of his fingers or just the sound of Nate's voice and Ice is at attention! But he's also a great family dog and gets along well with the family's other German Shepherd, Max, and Nate's wife, Sheri and their daughters Kayleigh and Taylor (who we call Tater Tot).

We wish continued success and safety to each and every graduate today. May your dogs noses be accurate, their ears sharp and may they protect you just as you would protect them: with your life.

Here is a list of the officers and dogs graduating today:


  • Officer Kimberly Donnell – Bangor Police – K9 Havoc
  • Officer Tyler Ham – Auburn Police – K9 Rocky
  • Officer Nathan Hood – Lewiston Police – K9 Ice
  • Deputy Aaron Moody – Kennebec Sheriff – K9 Stryker
  • Officer Michelle Small – Bath Police – K9 Sampson
  • Officer Brian Donahue – Maine Correctional Center – K9 Rex
  • Officer David Thompson – Westbrook Police – K9 Brady
  • Officer Kevin Theriault – South Portland Police – K9 Trigger
  • Deputy Cory Plummer – Cumberland Sheriff– K9 Vegas
  • Deputy Alfred Winslow – Cumberland Sheriff – K9 Ruk
  • Trooper Kevin Rooney –Troop G – K9 Howie
  • Trooper Eric Verhille – Troop D – K9 Clint
  • Trooper Rick Moody – Troop C – K9 Foster
  • Trooper Christopher Smith – Troop J – K9 Winger
  • Trooper Shawn Porter – Troop D – K9 Myka
Photo by Nate Hood