Back when I was in school, back to school shopping meant going to Barefoot Trader on Lisbon Street in Lewiston to buy a couple pairs of corduroys (those pants were horrible), some notebooks, pens and pencils and maybe a new lunchbox. Maybe 75 bucks spent. 

A new study from American Express Spending and Saving Trackers, shows that we will be spending an average of $1,239 on school supplies and expenses in 2015, that's $88 higher than in 2014.

The rise of technology in the classroom is on the rise, 82 percent of those surveyed say their children use technology in learning. Tablets, smartphones and smartboards all saw an increase in use.

Spending in extracurricular activities is also higher in 2015. Those surveyed will spend on average $455 per child in after school activities, up from $380 in 2014.