I was beyond blessed to have the privilege to attend the Taylor Swifts Reputation tour at Gillette stadium. It was my first time ever seeing her in concert, and I am so thankful for the experience. However, seeing Taylor performing on this big stage with 20 backup dancers was definitely an awakening for me. I grew up listening to her songs. I still know every song on her Fearless album. So, when I started to realize that she was going away from her original sound, I was momentarily shocked, and I kind of stopped listening.

So, going to this concert was in a sense a massive thing because it made me give her another chance a chance I should have given her from the beginning. The thing with her “old Taylor” “new Taylor” is that there is only ONE TAYLOR and she is 28-year-old women who has experienced new things and wanted to evolve with her experiences. She is not 16 anymore, and the fact that we are trying to hold her to that is wrong of us. I think we should embrace her change and be happy for her. Which leaves only one question left for us to answer; ARE YOU READY FOR IT?

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