"Welcome to the Hotel Taco Bell"...just doesn't quite have the same feeling to it as the old Eagles song does. But, this is happening!

Taco Bell Hotel will give fans an unexpected and unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Beginning August 9, doors will open at The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort in Palm Springs, California, You can start booking your stay beginning in June.

"From check-in to check-out, The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort re-imagines what a hotel stay can be, unveiling a destination inspired by tacos and fueled by fans. Everything from guest rooms to breakfast and poolside cocktails will be infused with a Taco Bell twist, making this the flavor-filled getaway of 2019."

Oh and don't forget the "not-to-miss gift shop" where they will offer exclusive apparel to spice up fans’ summer style. Guests can also stop by the on-site salon for Taco Bell-inspired nail art, hair cuts and even a braid bar.

CLICK HERE to read about all the details!

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