Items to Make the Most of a Snow Day
Snow! I know it's not fun to scrape off of cars or clear from your driveway, but for someone who doesn't experience it regularly, it can be so magical. Here are some items to make the most of a snowy day!
Netflix Has Changed TV Habits AGAIN
Make no mistake, Netflix has changed the way we consume media. Ten years ago, we were going to Blockbuster less often, and ordering DVD's for mail delivery. Then, as streaming popularized, we weren't even leaving the house to find our favorite (or impulse choice) movies. A few years later, and their…
Is Twitter Heading The Way Of Friendster?
Remember when Twitter was the next to threaten Facebook's popularity? Yeah, FB took a well deserved public opinion beatdown when it adopted the hashtag. However, that's what Facebook does. It finds the trend another created, and adopts the concept. Right, Snapchat?
Wrestling Rebirth
Professional wrestling has seen a rebirth here in Central Maine. B-98.5 has been involved with some of the area local shows and I was quite surprised to see how large the crowds were.
I attended a show in Fairfield earlier this year and there had to be close to 250 people packing the Fairfield Commun…