Make no mistake, Netflix has changed the way we consume media. Ten years ago, we were going to Blockbuster less often, and ordering DVD's for mail delivery. Then, as streaming popularized, we weren't even leaving the house to find our favorite (or impulse choice) movies. A few years later, and their original programming forever changed the game. Upon the launch of House Of Cards, I thought "wait, all 13 episodes AT ONCE??" "pffft, that's dumb AND WILL NEVER WORK." Remind me never to never place bets for you.

Obviously, trickling a season is still an option, but who does that anymore? It's nearly a badge of honor to jump on Twitter, or brag to coworkers Monday you killed the entire season the first weekend something was released. Side note; when did spending an entire day in front of the Samsung become brag-worthy? Eh' happens. For me, losing a day is much easier during a winter whiteout, or a clammy rainy spring day. But summer? NEVER during the summer...right? Again, no.

Historically, TV networks hedged their bets on light viewership for summer. In the past, shows which weren't perceived to be as strong contenders during "Fall Sweeps" became mid summer replacements. Normally, these programs would breeze through the run and never be heard from again. After all, who has the time to invest in fictional characters when there's a BBQ to catch, or a lake to jump in?  Well, this was all before the on demand era, and now everything has changed. However, is it too much of a good thing? In the last few weeks, Netflix has released new seasons of House Of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, Blood Line, Flaked, among others. In my world, throw those four on top of AMC's Better Call Saul, the half dozen shows recommended, and I'm spent. Plus,my penchant for getting lost in music documentaries, (the Eagles got 8 hours of my time, as I watched theirs TWICE) and the lawn could go unmowed until August.


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