hot dog

July is Hot Dogs Month
July is Hot Dog month and July16th is Hot Dog Day. Here are some things you may or may not know about hot dogs. They are considered the all-America treat but were invented in Germany in the 1400’s, thus the name frankfurters.
Better with Bacon
Hopefully just in time for Memorial Day weekend, Oscar Mayer will have their ‘bacon hot dog’ available for the family cookout. Yes, they are coming go out with a hot dog that has bacon bit bits inside. Oscar Mayer says they will be ‘widely’ available by Ju…
Creative Dinner For Kids!
Parents are ALWAYS looking for ways to get kids to be excited about dinner. In our house, we always sit down together and when the kids look at their plates, sometimes all they see are the vegetables. And we have vegetables every night!
I want to keep the kids guessing about what's for dinner! So las…