What You Should and Would Do After Winning Lottery
Every one dreams of winning the lottery, but what are the first things you should do are not necessarily the same things you would do. Some of the things you should do are: remain anonymous if your state allows you (Maine does not), hire a tax pro, pay off debts, live within a budget and take steps …
Family of 17 Wins New Jersey Lottery
Sometimes winning the lottery jackpot couldn’t happen to better people and that the case for the Enderson family. There are 17 siblings in the family and they just won the New Jersey lottery worth $20 million. It was a dream of their deceased mother to win the lottery, and they final…
Giving Back
Remember Gloria MacKenzie? The former Maine resident who won the BIGGEST Powerball jackpot in history (so far) is helping out her home state in a big way!
And it's something we should learn from.