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15 Of The Funniest And Filthiest Vanity Plates That Are Banned In Maine
When it comes to vanity plates, the residents of Maine have become very creative. They also became very vocal about wanting to express themselves more freely through vanity plates and the Maine Secretary of State listened. According to the Bangor Daily News, the state will loosen the rules on what c…
Maine Vanity License Plate Law May Loosen
There may be a new law on the HRIZN when it comes to vanity license plates in Maine. Because of a law change in 2015 that loosens the rules on what plates can say may lead to more ‘OMYGOODNS’ type plates.
Do You 'Love' the New Maine Specialty License Plate?
The Maine Arts Commission and Maine Crafts Association are offering a new Maine specialty license plate to support the arts in Maine. The plate design features the artwork “LOVE” of long-time Vinalhaven resident and internationally recognized artist, Robert Indiana.