Don't Yell Dilly Dilly at This Years Masters
The Masters Golf Championship is this weekend (4-5,6,7,8) from Augusta, Ga.
This year to combat unruly and disruptive behavior, the Masters has banned fans from yelling the Bud Lite phrase 'Dilly, Dilly.'
On someone working security said they all received a sheet of prohib…
Drops Out of the Top 100Tiger Woods
Pro golfer Tiger Woods moved into the world’s top 100 golfers in 1996 and has been there since, until now. For the first time since ’96, Tiger has fallen out of the top 100.
Bubba Watson Wins The Masters
The 2014 Masters is in the history books and this year’s winner is Bubba Watson. Watson won the green jacket in 2012 on the final hole. This year he had a three stoke lead going into the 18th hole and had Masters won. Watson finished 8 under.