NASA’s Guide To House Plants That Best Support Healthy Air
I recently finished a Biology class in Belfast and during that class we had to plant bean plants. Mine grew over a foot and the whole experience was pretty cool to watch day by day. So, I started thinking about other plants I could have around the house and came across NASA's Guide to the …
Bee Nation: Help Andy Capwell's plants!
My name is Andy Capwell and I do not have a green thumb. I have two houseplants and one I am afraid is completely beyond help and the other is fading quickly. I took these plants a few years ago during our cleanup day at the radio station. They seemed to do alright for a while and now they are dying…
Some Planets Have a Type of Military Defense System
Scientists have discovered that plants can communicate with each other to warn against potential danger. The plants that have this function seem to be ground plants like strawberries, clover and reed, plants that have horizontal stems. They grow on, or in, the ground, and they can share information.