I recently finished a Biology class in Belfast and during that class we had to plant bean plants. Mine grew over a foot and the whole experience was pretty cool to watch day by day. So, I started thinking about other plants I could have around the house and came across NASA's Guide to the best air-filtering plants to have in your home.

People often think about the decorative aspects of having houseplants, but there are health benefits as well! Filtering out the toxins in the air and adding more oxygen, the following plants can improve your health psychologically and can even reduce fatigue.

- Dwarf Date Palm - Boston Fern - Spider Plant - Barberton Daisy - Peace Lily - and more...

Find the full list of plants and which specific toxins they work to take out of the air in our homes here at LoveTheGarden.com.

However, be aware some plants are toxic to pets, so be sure to check if specific plants are fur-baby-friendly before buying! Here is a list of some plants that are safe and still detoxifying!

Hilingo via Amazon
Hilingo via Amazon

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