ChocoChicken, The Chocolate Fried Chicken
Fried chicken, Love It! Chocolate, Love It! How about ‘chocolate fried chicken’! It’s called ChocoChicken and a super trendy restaurant in L.A. is serving it up. The chicken isn’t fried in chocolate sauce; instead it’s lightly coa…
Professionally Publish Your Family Cookbook for $10!
If you're a lucky woman like I am, you have a man who likes your cooking. Sometimes, you make something that they are like "We need to have this every week!" It makes you feel good. Chad does that to me and every time he does, I'm ecstatic!
But SOMETIMES, a man needs his M…
Sharon’s Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies!
I asked Chad if I could make him something yummy for dessert the other day. I was REALLY hoping he'd go for the idea of pumpkin pie (I was CRAVING it). He said "If you're going to make anything pumpkin...why not chocolate chip pumpkin cookies?"
I was sold!
I quickly went to my phone and got …
Sharon Made Deer for Suppah!
I am a meat eater. I always have been. So, when Chad got his deer this year I was very excited! It meant food for our family.
We brought it to Tiffany and Ryan Hinkley's in New Sharon. Tiffany is Chad's cousin. It's nice to have a meat cutter in the family because they got ever bit of meat they could…
Sharon Made Gingersnaps For the First Time
I had been feeling pretty sick the last few days. I saw my chiropractor for a few visits and things were getting better but my stomach was still not well. I remembered that when I get motion sickness, if I drank ginger ale I felt better.
Gingersnap cookies can do the same, can't they?
I decided t…
Anderson’s Making Muffins!
Last week, Anderson told his teacher at Benton Elementary, Mrs. Walston, that he was going to bring the class muffins for his sharing time next week.
Next week is here and yesterday afternoon, he was the best baker ever!
But why did he decide to make muffins? Because he loves to read! Here's what…
Chicken Pot, Chicken Pot, Chicken Pot Pie!!
Get ready for something yummy in your tummy! The nights are getting cooler and nothing is better than a hot meal to keep you and your family warm. It's a proven fact that a full belly gives you a better night's sleep. It may take a while but this pie is so worth it! Make sure you have a bi…

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