Fried chicken, Love It! Chocolate, Love It! How about ‘chocolate fried chicken’! It’s called ChocoChicken and a super trendy restaurant in L.A. is serving it up. The chicken isn’t fried in chocolate sauce; instead it’s lightly coated with a special cooking chocolate and then fried.

Adam Fleishman, co-founder of the chicken dish says it may sound goofy but it tastes amazing. You can even apply chocolate ketchup on your chicken or have white chocolate mashed potatoes on the side. As you would imagine the ingredients are a secret but you can get a ChocoChicken meal, two pieces of chicken and fries for about $15.

One restaurant consultant that has tasted the meal says it actually taste good. There is only one restaurant near the Staples Center in L.A. but they are hoping to expand over time to 500 restaurants in the U.S. and even expanding into Asia where chicken is very popular.