Maine Beer Tax Is Highest In New England
The tax foundation has released a study that shows that Maine has the highest tax per gallon on beer in New England. Maine has a tax of thirty-five cents per gallon on beer, that ranks Maine #17 nationally on that tax and the highest in New England.
Taxes Returns a Little Slower in 2015
Due to government budget cuts at the IRS, you may have to wait a little longer for your tax return this year. This year as in past years, filing electronically will be your best and fastest way to get your return. Direct deposit into your checking account also speeds thing up.
Should Airlines Have The Right To Charge A ‘Fat Tax’?
An article in this month's Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, makes the case for airlines to charge a so-called 'fat tax'. The author of the article, Norwegian economist Bharat P. Bhatta, writes that 'all passengers are not alike in terms of their weight and the space the…
Chicago Considers ‘Violence Tax’ on Guns and Ammo
City officials in Chicago are considering a proposed “violence tax” on guns and ammunition in hopes that it will help shade in the gray areas of a $115 million black hole in the city’s budget and police the number of guns in circulation on the streets. This has Second Amendment supporters ticked off…