Hardly anyone likes paying taxes, right? Oftentimes if there's a loophole available, we'll take it. It's human nature after all.

Apparently, Maine sales and excise taxes are more affordable than those of Rhode Island. So much so that a loophole was found. In Maine, you do not have to be a resident of the state to register your vehicle here. This was done so that those with 2nd homes/vacation homes here could buy and house a vehicle here. Not to mention the extra money in taxes.

The Boston Globe broke this story after a Providence, RI police officer unearthed the scheme last year after noticing an unusually high number of Maine license plates in the city. Providence residents alone seem to have 430 vehicles, motorcycles, and trailers registered at 94 Waldoboro Rd in Jefferson, ME. According to the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles, 4,900 vehicles, motorcycles, and trailers are registered in the state with Rhode Island addresses.

In addition to saving a few bucks with taxes, these Rhode Islanders are also saving on tickets as well. If a red-light camera captures a violation, the ticket is sent to the address attached to the license plate, which could very well be the field in Jefferson, Maine.

As a Jefferson native, this story piqued a particular interest. We had to check out "Little Rhode Island".

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