New Hampshire doesn't mess around when it comes to their "Live Free or Die" slogan, thanks to there being no sales tax in the state which already brings in customers from neighboring states throughout the year. This month, they're kicking things up a notch.

The gracious freedom-loving state wants to share their freedom with their neighbors by giving us discounts on alcohol with their "No Taxation on Our Libations" sale.

This sale gives Mainers an 11% discount at their liquor and wine outlet stores, double our sales tax rate.

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A similar promotion was done last year, according to WGME, which drew more than 43,100 customers from 46 states who were also given a discount.

To take advantage of the deal you have to submit your email and select your home state here. You will receive a coupon valid for one purchase between August 8th and August 25th.

Think about all the money we'll save on Allen's Coffee Brandy and Fireball! What a wicked bah-gan!

Cheers New Hampshire!

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