I am beyond stoked about this store that has opened up in downtown Bangor. It may not have all of the newest brands, but it has all of the best old ones.

You know what they say, whoever "they" are, "everything that is old becomes new again."

White Lobster Vintage opened up this past fall on Harlow Street in Bangor and is giving customers a major slice of nostalgic pie.

According to WABI, owner, Chris Bryant is buying, selling, and trading vintage items, clothing, toys, and various other items to Mainers that are looking to bring it back.

As the article states, Chris says,

We’re buy, sell, trade, so you have the ability to bring in any old T-shirts kicking around your closet that might not fit you anymore. You got old concert tees, NASCAR wrestling, Harley, we can make your cash offer, or offer store credit. We do gift certificates. We offer you know the opportunity to return items to if you purchase something that’s not the exact size, so for sure it’s a great opportunity to come in and get your holiday shopping done.

I don't know about you but these are the perfect type of gifts for the holidays. I used to love vintage concert T-shirts and still do and I bet you 10 bucks a store like this would have a bundle of them!

The best part about these types of reminiscent items is that they are the real articles. Target t-shirts are awesome, but they are not original!

I was able to speak to Chase from White Lobster and he gave me a rundown on what they offer saying,

We offer a broad array of exclusive shoes like Jordan's, and every kind of vintage clothing! Band tees, sports gear, and lots of vintage local to Maine! We are buy/sell/trade too so listeners might have some cool stuff in their closets they can trade in or get cash for!

We enjoy bringing the sneaker culture to the area, while

also offering all kinds of stylish, yet sustainable vintage!

Chase was also able to send me a list of some of the epic vintage items that they offer as well:

  • New and Used Shoes (Nike, Jordan, Yeezy, New Balance, etc.)
    Harley Davidson
  • Biker -Wrestling (WWF, WCW, ECW, etc.)
  • Band / Concert -UMaine -Portland Sea Dogs, Pirates, Mariners, etc.
  • Champion Jerseys -NASCAR
  • Marvel / Disney / Nickelodeon / Looney Toons / Cartoons -Patagonia
  • Movie / TV Promo -Nike -Husson College
  • Ice Storm L.L Bean (Graphic Tees, Fleeces, Jackets, etc.)
  • Vintage Designer (Tommy, Ralph, Champion, etc.)
  • Snack / Moxie Shirts -Bangor Blue Ox, Lumberjacks, Jacks, etc
  • Sports (Salem, Nutmeg, Starter, etc.)
  • Pendleton
  • Maine Guides
  • Filson
  • Carhartt (Jackets, Double Knee Pants, WIP, etc.)
  • Old Denim -Art Tees (Harborside, Liberty Graphics, Bergs, etc.)
  • Hats (Logo Athletic, The Game, Sports Specialties, etc.)

Enjoy the gallery of photos below of some of what White Lobster has to offer!

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