Whether it's a road trip or just sitting back and taking in the scenery, Maine has a beauty to everything. Our state is rich in heritage, history and home crafted arts. Maine is renowned for its artistic scenery that inspires a lot of people to build, paint, sculpt and catch the intrinsic beauty of the mountains, coast and farmlands. 

So many artist and artisans have a Maine connection. Some of the most famous Maine artists include Andrew Wyeth, Winslow Homer, Georgia O’Keeffe Frederic Edwin Church Jamie Wyeth, and NC Wyeth, Edward Hopper, Fitz Hugh Lane, George Bellows. Fast forward to today, and the art scene in Maine from Rockland to Portland to Monhegan Island is alive and well and features a talented bunch of new Maine artists coming of age.

I admit I enjoy a bit of culture every now and again, and when I want to indulge I look no further than Maine's rich art history on displayed across "The Maine Art Museum Trail", a series of eight museums showcasing over 73,000 works of art. In the early 2000s, the trail came together to offer a greater understanding of Maine's art history. It introduces the state's finest art museums on a scenic, 200-mile driving tour from Ogunquit to Bangor, which can be explored in a weekend, a couple of days or a week of leisure. 

Aside from the museums themselves, the small quaint towns that are home to many of the art galleries and museums on the trail are fun to explore too. So, make it a plan. Put it in your phone, put a sticky note on the dog, but find some time to explore the Maine Art Museum Trail who knows you may even be inspired to pick up a paint brush and join an art class or maybe even buy some Maine art. 

For more information about The Maine Art Museum Trail visit maineartmuseums.org

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