With a few weeks left in August there is still time to celebrate some of the unusual holidays in the month. On the 10th it is ‘Lazy Day’ a day to goof off and not work best spent in a hammock. On the 13th we celebrate ‘Left Hander’s Day’.

Interesting fact about ‘Lefties’, very few are 100% left handed, many golf or bat right handed but a high percentage of ‘righties’ are 100% right handed.

August 15th is ’VJ Day’ which marks the end of WWll. It stands for ‘Victory Over Japan Day’. It could be on the 14th because that’s when Japan surrendered but it was the 15th when the surrender was announced to the world.

‘National Radio Day’ is on the 20th to celebrate the invention of radio in the late 1800’s. It is a day to listen to your favorite radio station like B98.5 and give a little ‘love’ to your favorite radio personalities.

On August 30 it’s ‘National Frankenstein Day’ which celebrates the birth of Mary Shelley who wrote the book ‘Frankenstein’ in 1818.