As New England was one of the first places to be settled by Europeans, it should not be a surprise that Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Rhode Island are home to some really old restaurants and pubs.

The Jameson Tavern in Freeport, Maine, for example.  Or, Boston's Warren Tavern.  Yes, the Warren Tavern is technically in Charlestown but, for those of us who don't live in Boston, it's close enough.

Even with all these historic pubs and restaurants in New England, you still might be surprised to find out the oldest restaurant in the country is in New England.

You can find the White Horse Tavern on Marlborough Street in Newport, Rhode Island.  The establishment dates back to 1673!  That makes it about 350 years old!

The restaurant's website explains:

Originally opened in 1673, our restaurant exudes colonial charm, but we are anything but dated. Our culinary team brings a wealth of culinary experience and passion to the kitchen. In our historic dining rooms, enjoy our sophisticated and local cuisine along with extensive wine pairings from around the world. Join us for a taste of 21st century Rhode Island in a colonial tavern that’s been serving locals and visitors for over 350 years.

As it is in a vacation town frequented by the super wealthy, it should not come as a surprise that the restaurant serves up some amazing culinary masterpieces.  And, the prices are definitely not from the 1670s.  Current entrees include crispy duck breast for $38, New York sirloin steak for $41, and pan-seared chicken breast for $34.

Katherine Chase / Unsplash
Katherine Chase / Unsplash

You can learn more about the tavern and check out their menu on their website.

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