Right or wrong, many of us spend at least a few minutes a week thinking about what other people are earning.  We speculate about what a person makes based on their profession, how long they have been in their line of work, or how we see them spending their earnings (often on social media).

Along those lines, we were thinking about which Maine towns and cities rake in the most money.  Thanks to our friends at Stacker, we have the answer!

The 19 Highest Earning Cities In Maine

Recently, Stacker took the time to put together a list of the top earning towns and cities in the State of Maine.

You were probably pretty surprised by some of the cities and towns on our list, weren't you?  You probably thought that only the "fancy" towns and cities in the Portland area would make the list, right?  Clearly, this is not the case.

So, how did these smaller central and northern towns place so high on the list?  And, how did Saco take the top spot?

As the numbers are averages (median), it balances the income levels out.  So, while Cape Elizabeth may be known for the amazingly beautiful (and super expensive homes) that line its streets, much of the population does not live in those homes.  Much of the population works basic jobs and lives paycheck to paycheck.  Another thing keeping the town off the list is the fact that many of the residents are retired - they don't have an income!

Being an average, the list favors average towns.  A city or town with a bunch of people who work "good" or "great" jobs is going to rank higher than a municipality where a few people make truckloads of money, but the vast majority of the population makes a meager wage.

The Most Affordable Towns & Cities In Maine

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