From Jackson Browne to Dave Mason, The Boothbay Opera House has been the setting to some great concerts the last few years. But is it haunted?


According to the website, if you are in the Opera House at the right time of night, the feeling can become far more eerie than what can be felt from the outside.

The Opera House was built in 1894 and was home to the government offices of Boothbay until the 1930s as well as the meeting space for local fraternal organizations until the 1960s.

According to some people, spirits have been known to travel throughout the building, and the source of the most of the disturbance is said to be on the second floor. In a small room that once served as a meeting place, there is a window overlooking the street and church.

There’s also an old piano in that room. Those who have spent time in that room tell of a strange presence that is felt, even when they are alone. Since 1949, people have reported that they heard the old piano playing by itself. Official reports of this eerie music were made again in 1957 and then again in 1977. The spirit who is responsible, along with any motives, is unknown.

I have always enjoyed going to the Boothbay Opera House when visiting the mid coast, and the fact it may be haunted is even more appealing; well, to me anyway.

Read the whole story of strange occurrences at the Opera house on the website only in your state

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