The Facebook page State Of Maine Photographers is one of my favorite pages. Whenever I need to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the world I can just click on the page and get lost in all the beautiful pictures posted by members.

There's no arguments, no trolling, and no negativity. Just the absolute beauty and wonder of Maine..

I can't think of Maine and not think of all things lobster..

And lighthouses of course..

How many dragonflies did you see this summer?

Check out this long-exposure pic of a night sky in Maine..

This reflection in a rain drop..

Camp life. Summer in Maine is better than anywhere else in the world..

These blueberries are ready to be picked and put in a pie..

Maine's wildlife is picture perfect..

There are hundreds of other pictures on the page. Next time you need to escape for a few minutes, check it out..

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