All you really need to know about Mary Winchenbach is in this hysterical short video of her selling her moose turds. Her business is called Turdy Works and it's exactly what you're thinking.

She is making a living selling items that she has made from moose poop and her customers are eating it up...not literally though, that would be gross.

Some of her item include a moose turd clock. She calls it a Poo-Poo Clock, (instead of a coo-coo clock)Which is a normal clock with a chunk of moose poop under each number so when you go to see what time you can say "oh look, it's two turdy!

Some other moose poop items include her Pooey Buoys.

How about some Deer Rings made from real deer droppings!

Or how about something shitty to decorate your Christmas Tree with this year?

Her Facebook page has dozens of items all for sale!

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