Considering how quickly local businesses come and go these days, it seems kind of insane that any business, let alone a little mom and pop store, could be around for over a century.

But that is the case with Derosier's in Freeport.

The store first opened as a grocery store in 1904.  According to the store's website, it was opened by Augustus Derosier in 1904,  Since then, five generations of the family have operated the business.  The current owner, Phillip, is the great-great-grandson of the founder.

Today, nearly 120 years after it first opened, Derosier's serves up pizza, subs, soups, ice cream and more for the locals and hundreds of thousands of visitors who make a trip to do some shopping in Freeport each year.  On top of the prepared foods, the store also sells snacks, beer, and lottery.  Basically everything you need during a trip to Freeport.

So, how long ago was 1904?  Yes, we know it about about 120 years ago, but...  Well, to put it in perspective, there is a sign hanging on the wall that has a list of things that the store predates.  Some of the more notable items on the list include the Ford Model "T" (introduced in 1908), air conditioning (1911), the RMS Titanic (1912), bras (1913), sliced bread (1929), and canned beer (1935).

Recently, my daughter and I took a trip to Freeport and we stumbled across this great store by accident.  We were looking for a quick, affordable place to have lunch.  We each had a slice of pepperoni pizza.  The slice was massive and cheap.  And, the service was really fast considering how packed the store was.

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

Next time you bring the family to do some shopping at LL Bean and you are looking for an affordable place to take the kids for lunch, make a point of stopping by Derosier's on Main Street.

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