I'm trying to wrap my head around the logic, here.  People get so bent over the idea of kids accidentally ingesting marijuana 'laced' food...however, items like this, with alcohol being advertised...is seemingly OK?  I do not understand.

According to these statistics...ZERO...nada...zilch...absolutely NOBODY has died from  marijuana 'overdose'.  However...alcohol...which is a relatively easily accessible substance...is causing deaths at an alarming rate.  Over 30,000 deaths PER year, from alcohol, alone.  But we are marketing a kid friendly jiggly treat as 'Just Add Vodka'.  If Betty Crocker advertised her brownies as 'Just Add Cannabis'....ignorant people would lose their shit!

Am I suggesting to go out and make your child pot brownies???  NO.

But the stigma on ganja needs to change...and quick.  The 'ignorant' need to be informed...and those who know need to keep educating.  Times are changing.

While, ingesting too much marijuana would lead to a plethora of uncomfortable symptoms...death would not be the outcome.

BurAir, Thinkstock
BurAir, Thinkstock


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