With many non-essential businesses still closed, most of us are trying to find new ways to keep ourselves occupied.

Here's something you can do to eat up a few minutes.  It probably won't cost anything because you, most-likely, already have what you need to do it at home.  And, it could make a fun TikTok or IG video.

This "trick" made the rounds on social media about a year ago.  Basically, the concept is that sliding a pencil, with a significant amount of force, along a wall will cause it to stick to that wall.

This video demonstrates the "trick".

Looking around online, I've seen several explanations for this including static electricity (like what makes a rubbed balloon stick to a wall or your head).  Given the weight of the pencil, this doesn't seem plausible.

Instead, it seems much more likely that the paint on the pencil (and on the wall) gets tacky due to the friction caused by sliding the pencil along the wall.  The tacky (sticky) paint bonds together.  But, I am far from being a scientist!  It's just a guess...

Give it a try, but keep in mind it may leave a mark on your walls.

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