It is amazing the kind of things... the kind of USELESS things you can learn by watching videos on the internet.

I originally watched the video and learned how to do this back in May of 2019.  It may not feel like that was all that long ago, but it was almost THREE YEARS AGO!

Not that I have rewatched this video, I have a pretty good idea why we never got our security deposit back when we moved out of that apartment!

Original post follows...


When I saw this online, I had to try it for myself.

Looking around online, I've seen several explanations for this including static electricity (like what makes a rubbed balloon stick to a wall or your head).

But, based on what you have to do to make it work, my guess is that it's paint on the pencil gripping the coarseness of the paint on the wall.  Just a guess!

Give it a try, but keep in mind it may leave a mark on your walls.

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