Some weeks are slower than others.  But this week...hubba hubba.  Every time I read these, I can't help but think that women need to carry more pepper spray or be aware of what their boyfriends are up to.  

I was in line behind you (very much enjoying the view, while trying desperately not to be pervy) and you bought coffees for the next 5 people. When I tried to thank you I wound up startling you instead...SORRY! Saw you again this evening at the discount store across from O'Connor Chevrolet...I think you drive a Taurus? I'm new in town and haven't met anyone yet, especiallynot someone as compelling as you. At any are cute as hell and i would love the chance to get to know you. Maybe pay you back that coffee? You:long, dark brunette with an pretty face,air of easy confidence and incredible body. Me, salt and pepper hair and beard early 50s, most likely looking a bit lost as I haven't approached a woman in 20 years.

Woman in Litchfield Post Office - (That clears it up)
I want to say hi to the woman in the post office a couple weeks ago in front of me mailing a ton of stuff.

Suezie Q at Mixers - (Girl, just read his post...and do yourself a favor...stay away.  I hope his girlfriend sees this.  Let's help her see this.  She deserves to dump him first.)
Its a long shot but here it goes I check u out at mixers every Sunday night an u check me out I think u r gorgeous an would like to ask u out I am dating someone but would stop dating her in a heart beat if I new you have interest in me!

Sparetime in Augusta(For the love of God...this could be ANYBODY posting about ANYBODY.  Don't get too specific or anything)
Saw you at sparetime recreation last Saturday night. We made eye contact a couple times.
I was planning to go tonight, but the weather deterred me.
You probably don't check these, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Give me some details if you remember.  (How can she??  Your talking to about 200 woman!!)

Sierra at the Red Barn in Augusta(Don't walk to your car alone...Just sayin)
I think her name is Sierra, she works at the Red Barn in Augusta. She has the prettiest smile and the nicest body I've ever seen. The things I would do to you


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