Cinderella is looking for that special someone on Christmas.  Sounds magical.  Are you Prince Charming?

Couldn't rack up the nerve to say a word to you. You are very beautiful and drove a red Jeep... lilred somthing on your plate. Slight chance in hell you'll ever read this but if you do and you remember me I'd love to take you out sometime

Rachel at Gardiner Hannaford
Rachel we shared a few smiles and a nice little chat while you cashed me out. I wonder if you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Red flannel wearing, trivia playing guy from Hallowell
You were wearing a red flannel and playing trivia on Tuesday night. You were sitting next to a really pretty girl who was wearing a matching shirt. Not sure if you guys are together or not but I think you're cute!

My soul is in a weird transition in life. I don't really know how to put this, but I am being pulled.  My whole life I truthfully feel like I have been living in a Joe Dirt monologue Netflix series.  I was born into a world of chaos, and now I am an adult and my soul is not entirely chaos.

Only a little.

I have always been very down to earth, rather a rainbow sheep of my family. Recently though, since becoming a mother I am really trying to grow up in a sense. Grow and be classy, dress classier, and experience things that classy people experience. With my daughters father on his way to prison, everywhere I go I just make people uncomfortable. I can tell, I can feel the energy shift. I really want to go to a Christmas party this year and to a really beautiful elegant one and have a way to dress up and wear my nice make up, and nobody knows me or my story or history. It's not that I am ashamed, its just that everyone know's I am nothing like her father and that I try very hard to keep my life right and I just have no way to find a beautiful Christmas party where nobody knows me. I want to know for once in my life what it feels like to mingle and talk about things and not be that 'oh poor her the single working mother and the father is on his way to prison' I don't want this to be my identity anymore. I have no way to escape this story. So, I am asking for a way, out in the universe. A way for someone to find me and make me Cinderella for one Christmas night.

The Christmas party I dream of, not one in a trailer, or an apartment, or mangy grungy home. A real Christmas party that people actually dress up, have servers, Christmas themed alcohol beverages, a big beautiful elegant party. I realize the way in which I am going about this is also on the not so elegant side, but I figure it's worth a try?

I am 26 year old female.
Reddish hair, blue eyes, cute smile
5'2, 120lbs

Please let me have this dream just once in my life.

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