It's that time of the week again for Craigslist Missed Connections.  We have some good ones this week.  Ones that seem genuine enough.  From a girl spotted fidgeting her hair (I guess this is considered flirting...I need to be more careful) to a super attractive guy in Bath.  Why don't people pull out their cell phones and snap a photo and say "I'm looking for you"!

Fidgeting hair girl at Walmart in Augusta
I was behind you, you kept looking back fidgeting with your hair, all the signs, unless you liked the old lady behind me, hehe, you made my day.

Augusta Dog Park Romance
I know this is a long shot. Saw you at the dog park today. Very beautiful. You had dark hair, great smile and a lovely skirt. Would like to meet you there again so our dogs can play. Your friend gave water to my dog. Hope to hear from you.

Saw you at Topsham yesterday buying Pall Malls and Doritos. You got the special on the power drinks. Let's start a conversation.

On the off chance you see this, sorry we lost touch. The place we "met" deleted me on a bogus charge.Just wanted you to know, you are missed. Hope all is well.  If you see this, sure you will give me a few signs to let me know its you ;-)
I just remembered the name of where you work - I thought it was Kleinschmidt. We share a love/hate relationship with Bagel-mania and think it is like a Seinfeld episode. If you are single, how about continuing the conversation?
I feel weird posting here! I saw you in shaws while grabbing a few things and you ended up behind me for a sec at checkout. You're super attractive and if I wasn't so shy I would have said something


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