I've posted several listings in the past about a pretty girl at a Manchester pharmacy.  I'm assuming Rite Aid.  Pretty girl...lots of guys interested...poor thing probably needs security guards.  Well, it appears she is no longer at that place of employment and her fans are looking to transfer.

Shoulder length natural hair with light grey streaks at Hannaford in S. China
You caught my eye twice, the look you gave me was so sweet and playful. Maybe I'm reading too much Into it but I thought I would post and keep my fingers crossed. The last time our eyes met we were in the cat food aisle, you were looking g at something but I seemed you were lingering.....truthfully so was I. You had shorts, sandals and a tanktop. Shoulder length natural hair with hints of grey streaks....beautiful. I had shorts, a long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up and glasses. If you happen to see this please respond. I know its a shot in the dark....but you never know.

Almost ran over you at the Augusta Hannaford...Call me
Almost ran you over today in parking lot at Hannaford in Augusta. You had dark hair and got into a red and silver truck. You had a great smile. Made me smile.

Laura in Augusta (take my advice and walk away from this one)
Yeah I joke with you about how hot you are and your beautiful assets. ( they are) ! I would love to see you. You know I'm taken but I want to taste you and hold you. Tell me something about you so I know its really you

Jessica at Manchester Pharmacy (I'm guessing you left because of too many stalkers...good girl)
Jessica, you are not in the pharmacy anymore. Where did you go? Did they fire you? I will transfer my pharmacy to where ever you are. Where is she?!

Ashley (Facebook says from Vassalboro) J Wants you Back
I've been doing some soul searching lately and I keep coming back to you. You fit in great with my family, I fit in with your family, we had some great times and I keep finding myself missing you. I remember so much of what had, and I haven't been able to feel that way with anyone else. That being said, the likelihood of you taking me back, after I hurt you the way I did, is probably not in my favor. But if you can forgive me, I won't hurt you that way again, it was wrong of me to breakup like that. I hope you can forgive me, and I hope we can start fresh.

Beautiful woman, white SUV & Circle K at Fairfield Center
As I was pulling into circle k in Fairfield center, u were pulling out and we made some eye contact. Ur gorgeous and wanna know more about u. I was in a blue jeep. Hopefully u see this. :):)

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