Some good ones this week.  Some are sweet and sincere.  I hope these connect.  Some leave me thinking 'I can't believe these lines work?' and other are just downright stuck on themselves...thus single they shall stay...unless they change.

Cheating Catherine from Augusta...someone is interested in a 'fling'
You had a thing with a relative of mine and it ended when you cheated on him I still have thoughts of how I'd like to be with you. You liked cats and I didn't. Could you tell me about my dogs to show you're you...and we could maybe have a fling?

Pretty Woman at Tractor Supply in Augusta
It was Friday afternoon around 4pm. I saw you as soon as I came inside. You were standing in line to check out. You looked at me, caught me looking. I walked by and to the other end of the store. I thought you were gone but when I looked up there you were, next section over. You looked, looked away and right back. I smiled, tried to act cool and backed into a large floor much for cool.
You will probably never see this but if by chance you do, and want to see me again, email me and tell me the color of my shirt. Change subject to TSC

Blue shirt, black yoga pants at Farmington Walmart
Saw you at Walmart. I think you saw me too. You were wearing blue shirt and black yoga pants. You were looking at movies I was looking at your big round rump. Your so fine. Message me

Tall, strawberry blonde reddish hair at Pat's Pizza in Augusta on June 9th
You are a fairly tall woman with strawberry blond/reddish hair and showed up at Pat's around 6;15 to 6:45 Friday night June 9th. You sat at a booth against the wall and we shared a few are really nicely put together and you were waiting for someone who showed up a bit later. You and I should have a chance to meet! Get in touch with me!

Sweet hunny in silver civic in Waterville
To the sweet hunny in the silver Civic on 95 north at about 1:00 today in the waterville area... message me... I'd love to chat and meet up!!! You passed me a couple times as I did you as well.

Possible love connection at Cumberland Farms in Gardiner
I stopped into Cumbys tonight around 1245am to get coffee you had on a plaid shirt and jeans and I had on all black and a teal sweater with lots of tattoos. You paid before me and as you left said " you're beautiful, have a great night". I said thanks but never got your name. By the time I came outside you were in the car with your friend. Would love to know who you are. Thanks for making my night. Hope to hear from you.

Hot guy shopping at Hannaford in Gardiner...(take my advice and stay with your girlfriend)
I don't know if you will see this but I have to at least try. I just saw you at the Hannafords in Gardiner and we spoke briefly, it's Friday at around four forty five in the afternoon. You are about 6'1"/6'2" and looked in your 30s, you were in shape and really hot with a sleeve of tattoos on one arm. I bumped into you (on purpose, don't know if you realized that) and we had a brief conversation which ended with me asking for your number so we could go out. You turned me down, which never happens (I'm told I'm very attractive, did you not think so?), I don't know if it was because I had just come from the gym and was in workout clothes? I would think that isn't the case because they just show off my body which I know is hot plus I have to be close to 10 years younger than you. You said that you weren't interested and that you had a serious girlfriend blah blah blah which I am having a hard time believing. Since when has that ever stopped a guy. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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